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We believe that natural ecosystems provide the most abundant and diverse models for how complex human systems can and should function

We believe that natural ecosystems provide the most abundant and diverse models for how complex human systems can and should function.  Collective action problems are deep-rooted environmental and social issues that require many people working together to achieve structural change.  Ecological principles for collective action anchor our methodology that builds the capacity of individuals, organizations, and institutions to re-imagine and re-design themselves to function more like natural ecosystems.

Leslye A. Graham, Creative Director

Lauren E. Graham, Founder & CEO



Velvet Frame’s mission is to realign human aspirations with the evolution of natural systems by helping individuals and organizations to conceptualize and develop an ecological identity.

The purpose of realignment is to step closer to true sustainability by encouraging people to acknowledge themselves as an integral, and equal part of the natural world.  The development of an ecological identity™ allows people to identify and position themselves as actors in complex ecosystems.

Ecological Principles for Collective Action TM

Principles for Collective ActionTM

Ecological Principles for Collective ActionTM (EPCA) is an interdisciplinary framework for mapping collective action problems across complex systems that accounts for emerging identities and shifting demographics.

The framework adapts the functions and flows of natural ecosystems to generate data-driven models for leadership and capacity building that can objectively “weigh” values and evaluate processes for decision making.

EPCA blends the insights of social and environmental ethics to enable changemakers to articulate vision and values, and frame narratives for change within organizations and institutions.

Welcome to Velvet Frame

Welcome to Velvet Frame.

We instinctively seek an intimacy with nature that affirms our place in the world and connects us to other living beings. But the more we succeed in advancing our human aspirations and ideals, the less we defer to nature for guidance, purpose, and belonging.

Velvet Frame™ looks to natural ecosystems to understand and steward change. We believe in reviving our forgotten ecological identity™.

ElementalTM means seeking:

ElementalTM means seeking:

·       the core of a relationship or idea, stripping away the excess to reveal the smallest representative unit that truly matters

·       the inherent commonality between things that appear different on the surface

·       the complexity of simple structures and the simplicity of complex patterns

As humans, we have always embraced nature for inspiration, healing, and renewal.

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